Meet the team

Sweet Lee's was a happy little accident. It all started when Lee began growing peppers in his backyard & experimenting with different flavors. Over time, this experiment became a passion, and Lee found himself preparing and bottling bottles of hot sauce for friends, family & coworkers.

Lee and his wife, Estee, invested in a greenhouse built right on their backyard property. They made it official & Sweet Lee's was born. Today, they continue to handmake bottles from their family farm, where they grow, pick and pack every single Sweet Lee's order.

  • Meet Lee

    Lee is the ultimate multitasker: husband, father of five, and aficionado
    of all things spicy! Since settling in Idaho, he's discovered a green
    thumb and a passion for gardening that rivals his love for adventurous
    cuisine. When he's not concocting fiery dishes in the kitchen, you'll
    catch him tearing up the roads and trails on his trusty bicycle, fueled
    by adrenaline and a zest for life. By day, Lee transforms into a
    superhero of sorts, donning his white coat as an anesthesiologist, where
    he's known for his caring nature and ability to calm even the most
    nervous patients of all ages.

  • Meet Estee

    Estee is the ultimate supermom, juggling five kids with flair and a
    whole lot of love! She's not just about the chaos, though; she's a
    creative wizard, turning everything she touches into a masterpiece.
    Music runs through her veins, and she's always ready to bust out a tune,
    making even the mundane moments feel like a concert. But when the
    wheels start turning, you'll find her pedaling away with her squad,
    cruising the streets on bicycles and turning heads wherever they go.
    Estee is proof that life is one big adventure, and she's here to live it
    to the fullest, with her kids, her art, and her music by her side!

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